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GeneSiC thrives to deliver the best customer driven designs possible by providing SiC power devices with superior cost-performance index, high ruggedness and high quality.

Applications include:

  • Boost Diode in Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
  • Electric Vehicles – Power Train, DC-DC Converter and On-Board Charging
  • Extreme Fast Charging Infrastructure
  • Solar Inverters and Energy Storage
  • Traction
  • Data Center Power Supplies
  • Induction Heating and Welding
  • High Voltage DC-DC Converters
  • Free-wheeling / Anti-parallel Diode
  • LED and HID Lighting
  • Medical Imaging Systems
  • Down-Hole Oil Drilling Power Converters
  • High Voltage Sensing
  • Pulsed Power


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For high voltage sensing applications like DE-SAT protection and high side switch gate drive bootstrap circuits, the DO-214 and TO-252-2 packages are ideal solutions.

Part NumberVoltage, VRRM
Forward Current, IF

The TO-247-3 package offers great flexibility for higher power density and BOM reduction in applications like the power factor correction (PFC) inter that share a common cathode between two diodes.

Part NumberVoltage, VRRM
Forward Current, IF
GC2X5MPS12-24712005 / 10TO-247-3
GC2X8MPS12-24712008 / 16TO-247-3
GC2X10MPS12-247120010 / 20TO-247-3
GC2X15MPS12-247120015 / 30TO-247-3
GC2X20MPS12-247120020 / 40TO-247-3

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