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Silicon Carbide (SiC) devices provide superior thermal properties as compared to their counter-part Silicon devices. In applications where the operating temperature exceeds the limitations of Silicon devices, GeneSiC’s portfolio of bare chips and high temperature devices are an ideal solution for continous duty operation in high voltage motor control.


SiC Schottky MPS™

Part NumberVoltage (V)Forward Current (A)Package
GC50MPS06-CAL65050Bare Chip
GC15MPS12-CAL120015Bare Chip
GC20MPS12-CAL120020Bare Chip
GC50MPS12-CAL120050Bare Chip
GC25MPS17-CAL170025Bare Chip
GAP3SHT33-CAU33000.3Bare Chip

Part NumberVoltage (V)On Resistance (mΩ)Package
G3R20MT12-CAL120020Bare Chip
G3R30MT12-CAL120030Bare Chip
G3R40MT12-CAL120040Bare Chip
G3R75MT12-CAL120075Bare Chip
G3R20MT17-CAL170020Bare Chip
G3R45MT17-CAL170045Bare Chip
G3R50MT33-CAL330050Bare Chip
G3R100MT33-CAL3300100Bare Chip

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